Falsos o reproducciones       fakes or repros

About fake patches,clik here


 Los parches aquí  mostrados pueden ser o no reproducciones. Hay que tener en cuenta que un mismo parche puede ser fabricado por otro distribuidor. Los  parches falsos será cuando en el país de origen NO EXISTA  ese parche o ha sido diseñado partiendo de una insignia metálica.
The patches here showed can be or not reproductions. It is necessary to bear in mind that the same patch can be made by another distributor. The false patches it will be when in the country of origin this patch DOES NOT EXIST or it has been designed departing from a metallic emblem.


FAKE, según PICA Austria.  A copy of one of my  U.K colonial badges in a fantasy patch totally fake (said for some french collectors) . Never exist this unit   UNNOFICIAL. It was made by the  members of the mobile brigade, for personal use, but it is not official .  National Police Forz

Republique Populaire du Benin. fake.

patch PPU Nitra is from one manufacturer, but he use different cloth for uniform of PPU 

      Own collection Made for  other slovakian customer             Original Made for  other slovakian customer 


      Own collection-original
 poor repro MALAWI This is not the official Icelandic UN patch. This patch has never bin in use by the Icelandic police.

Department of Police say " is not a police badge. It's the
Aruba insignia. But not original. It has feature for the orginal insignia
but it's NOT the real insignia."
 Made for Russell Uniforms Co. New york

Pennsylvania   Fake      


        Fake/Repro    totally fake. Mexico never have AGENTE ESPECIALE ( SPECIAL AGENTS). NOTE "E"  IN ESPECIALE .  Correct is AGENTE ESPECIAL. Said for Mexican  D.F collector.


Hungary-Real Fake patch. This is a copy of one of my genuine badge GABON. Real badge Guinea Bissau This is a copy of one of my genuine badge Transkei .This is a copy of one of my genuine badge




Thuringen is the only German state that doesn't have a separate Waterways Police Force and so they don't have an own  patch!! All the Thuringen Waterways Police patches are fakes!!!! Thuringen  has four (!) regular Policemen, attached to regular Stations on regular  duty, that patrol the only two larger bodys of water in that state during  the summer months : Thuringen Water police- it's fake patch. ¡

Fake Belgian DSU patch which is being sold at Ebay Hans moor. Real