Todo el material aquí descrito es para  intercambios y, para ventas cuando el cambio no es posible. Solo pido reciprocidad en el cambio. Mi principal interes es la venta, pero quizás  me interese algun intercambio concreto. Las piezas mas exóticas como Africa o Asia  o unidades especiales, no se cambian por material ordinario, salvo raras excepciones y con material de España.

All material described here is for trade and for sales where the change is not possible. Just ask reciprocity in exchange. My main interest is selling, but maybe I'm interested in any particular exchange. The most exotic items such as Africa or Asia or special units are not changed by ordinary material, with rare exceptions of Spanish items.

Attention  i´m not interested in the following items:

F.B.I, CUSTOMS, D.O.Cs,  Army/military patches, Uniforms, hats/caps/baseballcaps, social patches, fantasy patches, ..........

ASIA Europe America  





Old republic of Checoslovaquia-C.S.S.R

300 000 km Bez nehody ( 300 000 km without Traffic accident) - for Drivers of the Interior Ministry(up to 1990 Castle Guard-Prague C.S.S.R  Academy-qualification badge In battle friends Boder k9.tie pin People´s Army sporting Award

People´s Army sporting Award People´s Army sporting Award People´s Army Misiles
Exemplary soldier BRONZE   Exemplary soldier SILVER   Hungria Military Academy Specialist army 1st class


**  40 ** **  Northern Marianas **



Este material es únicamente para cambios muy especiales. No acepto cambios por elementos corrientes.This material is only for very SPECIAL changes. I do not accept changes for CURRENT PATCHES.

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