Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary Medal.   Awarded to Stanley H. Sleigh on 14th July 1948.


QUEEN CROWN post 1954

Security Police

Services Police

 British Period (1878 - 1959) Royal Ulster Constabulary NORFOLK-collar badge West Yorkshire collar badge

Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary, which was est. in 1968 and in 1974 became known as Nottinghamshire Constabulary Lancashire collar badges collar badges Used by St. Helens Police between 1935 and 1952.St. Helens Police ceased to exist on the 31st March 1969 upon amalgamation with the Lancashire Constabulary. 
Star Shaped QC post 1954
Helmet Plates QC post 1954
Bristol  City pre 1952 Bristol  City pre 1952 Durham constabulary Kent 1952-.1965      
  Avon & Somerset Avon & Somerset Cleveland Devon & Corrnwall Dorset Chesire
Durham Constabulary Glamorgan Hertfordshire Hull City Humbershide Kent constabulary Lancashire
Leicester & Rutland Lincolnshire Metropolitan police Mid anglia North Yorkshire Northumberland Northumbria
Nothimgamshire South Yorkshire South Wales South Wales Suffolk Constabulary Sussex Staffordshire
Thames Valley  Warwickshire Warwickshire  West midlands West yorkshire West Mercia   
KING CROWN  pre 1954
1915 Gold/ Dorada post-1954 pre - 1954
East Ridding of Yorkshire East Suffolk Police Wolverhampton Borough Police Isle of Man Scottland Rochdale County Borough Police
British Yemen 1920-1950 Durham Special County Constable 1947 1914-1918
    3 towns combined during the WW I . South of England -1914-1918 The islands came under British control in the 19th century; independence was granted in 1962 ( dated 1910). The Belize National Police is descended from the British Honduras Constabulary, which was established in 1886. 1914-1918 A WW1 Metropolitan special constable lapel badge. The reverse bears the makerīs name, W.O. LEWIS, HOWARD STREET, BIRMINGHAM