To avoid the fraudulent copy of some pieces of my collection,have altered the colors of some patches and badges.
Vietnam in-country embroidered patch featuring South Vietnamese ARVN National Police Special Reconnaissance team. lettering 'C-S-Q-G' (Canh Sat Quoc Gia = National Police), 'T-S D-B' (Trinh Sat Dac Biet = Special Recon Team). ARVN Combat Police CANH SAT DA CHIEN Vietnam war era military police cap badge marked CA for Cong An  Police.) ARVN Combat Police CANH SAT DA CHIEN Team South Vietnam  Police academy  cap badge,, original pre-1975 manufacture.
Vietnam  police protection VC Police Officer CONG AN Vietnam  police protection Vietnam war era -National Ppolice National Police
collar badge National Police 'C A' stands for CONG AN (Police). Vietnam  police protection 'C A' stands for CONG AN (Police). Canh Sat-National  Police / South Vietnam 1975.
ARVN = Army Republic of Vietnam (former South Vietnamese Army).Police.
PAVN = People's Army of Vietnam (current Vietnamese Army)
NVA   = North Vietnamese Army 
NLF   = National Liberation Front