AUTORIDAD NACIONAL PALESTINA                                                         



British police  in Palestine in 1940's and 1950's  whilst the state of Israel was being set up after the war. MARPLEYS & BEASLEY-BIRMINGHAM

With the formation of a Civil Government on 1st. July, 1920 the Palestine Police Force was born. The first Police Commander was Lt. Col. P.B. Bramley, O.B.E., with the title of Director of Public Security and with the rank of Commandant of Police and Prisons. The police establishment at this time was 18 British Officers supported by 55 Palestinian Officers and 1,144 rank and file. The duties of the Police were described as:-

"Besides fulfilling the ordinary duties of a constabulary, such as the preservation of law and order and the prevention and detection of crime, act as their numbers will allow as escorts for the protection of tax collectors, serve summonses issued by the judicial authorities, distribute Government notices and escort Government treasure throughout the country."


CAP BADGE : PALESTINE  POLICE . The slider is stamped; MARPLES & BEASLEY BIRMINGHAM (This was a well known Birmingham Badge Manufactuerer who closed for business over 35 years ago(1970) o avoid the fraudulent copy of some items of my collection, I have altered the colors of this patch.   Para evitar la copia fraudulenta de algunos artículos de mi colección, he cambiado los colores de este parche